My Story

Ever felt like an outcast? Or felt like you just didn’t fit in or that you were meant to do something else, but you couldn’t quite pinpoint what that was? ME TOO!! I had big goals, but had no idea how to achieve them. I wanted to be a model, and so I went for it, even living in Utah, and was published in MAXIM Mexico. I even got casted by Sports Illustrated for their 2018 Swim Search.Over time, I realized that it wasn’t for me as much as I thought, it wasn’t making me happy.

I did know however, that I have been obsessed with fashion and following trends since I was young. I was always trying to dress everyone, and still do; because I know exactly what’s in and what isn’t. I hope that maybe I can inspire you and allow a bigger insight into my life and let you get to know me.


Personal Style

I use fashion to portray my mood and my personality.
I would say I am pretty simple, but I like a good statement piece as well. Usually my go to outfit is something like this:
High waisted jeans, crop top, and cool boots. I’m always keeping up with the latest trends, but it doesn’t mean I follow them exactly. I put my own twist on it. I think that’s one thing to keep in mind, because something that may be in, may be the complete opposite of your personal style. So, don’t feel the need to fit in, if it really isn’t what you like.



10 Random Facts About Me

1. Sushi makes me gag just by looking at it, yuck. No offense to anyone
who likes that stuff though... haha

2. My natural hair color is light brown, but I have been dying it black
since I was 15.

3. I am barely 5.5’even though people seem to think I am taller than
that. Just wishing I was taller everyday of my life.. haha

4. I would like to have my own line of clothing sometime in the future.

5. People always say I look like either Megan Fox, or Courtney Cox...or a
mix of them both. Oh, and Jennifer Connelly. So often that I sometimes
get annoyed. I mean they are hot and all don’t get me wrong....

6. Some of my favorite Netflix series are Gossip Girl, 90210 (newer version),
The Office, and of course Stranger things and some ofthe newer popular ones,
but these ones will always be staples I can re watch a million times.

7. My go to Starbucks orders are: Dirty iced chai with two shots of espresso,
iced cinnamon dolce latte with almond milk, and the pink drink.

8. My favorite cheat day meals are either super cheesy pasta with truffles, or an
extravagant burger... or some good fried chicken. Mmmmm yum!!

9. A good laugh, is everything. What is better in life than laughing your ass off?
Until you are crying? Nothing is better

10. I am deathly afraid of spiders, and bees. I will be a child and cry for someone
else to come kill it and save me for the rest of my life. No shame.

Any questions on Fashion, Trends and Lifestyle, ASK Me!